Technical assistance service in industrial production environments, loan of specialized manpower for the realization of all your projects, work overflow and mechanical preventive maintenance.

Outsourcing and labour lending

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    Starting up
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    Modification of existing equipment
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    Reconditioning, repair and maintenance
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    Relocation or even dismantling of equipment
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    Mobile installation service

Electromechanical Service

To do the repair of all your electronic problems as well as the design of electrical panels.

Your problems will be taken care of and resolved in a timely manner.

  • For maintenance.
  • Refurbishing.
  • Repair of motors and electrical machines.

Industrial Welding Service

We will be able to answer all your welding requests.

Whether it’s an arc electrode welding job, or TIG and MIG welding. (aluminium and stainless steel). You can count on our team

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