Major collaboration in Quebec and internationally for the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Technoconcept Inc. is proud to offer dual expertise in the handling and transportation of dry powder and granular products. A new force in optimization to meet the various specifications of 3D designs, new layouts, installation and modification. Our multi-disciplinary team offers a turnkey service combined with a range of high quality products standing out for their performance, durability and quality providing an optimal return on investment.

Sole distributor of Palamatic Process products in Quebec, Technoconcept inc is a company established for several decades in design and 3D conception for the manufacture of industrial production equipment.

Our mastery of conventional engineering, best-in-class project design and management techniques allows us to carry out small to large scale complex projects. Our expertise will lead you to a higher level of engineering. Personalized service that guarantees professional support related to your productivity developments. We provide a direct link with design, manufacturing, modifications, monitoring and preventive maintenance on integrated systems in Quebec.

As a team we will achieve your ambitions to propel your business on the front line.


A partner of choice for your industrial projects

We will achieve your ambitions to propel your business on the front line.